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Founded in 1909, China University of Mining and Technology-Beijing CUMT-Beijing is a national key university directly supervised by China Ministry of Education, which has been listed into the national “211 Project”, the “985 Project Innovation Platform”, as well as the “World First-Rate Discipline Construction University”. It is also one of the initial member universities for the Strategic Alliance of Industrial Technology Innovation, with its development supported jointly by the Ministry of Education and China’s former State Administration of Work Safety.The university is now composed of two campuses: Xueyuan Road campus located on Xueyuan Road, the university zone in Haidian District of Beijing, and Shahe campus located in Shahe Higher Education Zone in Changping District of Beijing.

Currently CUMT-Beijing has 34 specialties for undergraduates, 17 first-grade disciplines conferring Doctor Degrees, 34 first-grade disciplines conferring Master Degrees, 12 professional degree authorization categories for Master Degree; 2 first-grade national key discipline, 8 second-grade national key disciplines, 1 national key cultivated discipline and 21 provincial key disciplines, and 14 post-doctoral research stations. In the 4th round discipline evaluation of universities and colleges held by Ministry of Education, its specialties of mining engineering and safety science & technology were ranked as A+ Disciplines, while surveying science & technology, and geological resource & science were ranked as A-Disciplines. Four disciplines have entered the top 1% of ESI, including engineering, geoscience, material science, and chemistry. Two disciplines, mining engineering as well as safety science and engineering were qualified as “Double First-Rate” construction disciplines. In the 2018 World University Rankings by Subject released by QS, the subject mining engineering of CUMT-Beijing ranks 1st in Asia and 19th in the world.

With emphasis on domestic and international academic exchanges and cooperation, CUMT-Beijing has been promoting international educational opportunities. Currently it has initialized the founding of “Beijing High-Tech Universities Alliance” together with other 10 high-level universities with industry characteristics, and signed MOU with 53 world-renowned universities and scientific research institutions. At the same time, CUMT-Beijing professors have carried out academic exchanges in relevant disciplines with more than 100 renowned foreign universities and scientific research institutions. CUMT-Beijing has successfully convened many international academic conferences and acted actively in academic exchanges, for example, the Annual Meeting of the International Coal Petrology Committee, the joint meeting of ICCP-TSOP, the first session of the International Conference of the Safety Behavior and Safety Management, the Annual Meeting of International Society for Organic Petrology (TSOP), the International Symposium on Mining Science and Technology, the International Conference on Ground Control in Mining, and etc. CUMT-Beijing began receiving foreign students in 1954, and since then it has trained 2,000 international students from 125 countries and regions.


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