Students with disability services at CUMTB




*  位于教区北门的逸夫楼、教学楼

*  位于教区东门的科技楼、综合楼

*  位于教区及教区附近的学生公寓

*  学生餐厅

*  图书馆





China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing) provides access for students with disabilities to the following University’s building:

*  Yifu building, Teaching building, located in the North gate

*  Science and technology building, comprehensive building, located in the East gate

*  Student apartment

*  Student canteen

*  Library


The above University’s buildings and dormitory buildings are all owned by China University of Mining and Technology (Beijing), and equipped with elevator for users with special needs. The library for users with special needs offers a special reader place, equipped with computer equipment and specialized software.

Besides, library service is entirely focused on the information needs of users with disabilities which gives the opportunity to use variety of electronic resources and provides opportunity for their self-training and education.

Visually impaired users can make request and obtain in electronic format articles in periodicals and monographs, as well as books.



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